What we love to do

We’re The Preferred Nerd, and we love all things I.T. In fact, if you don’t see something here to suit you, please send us an email anyway. Chances are, we’ve fixed it before!

Fix I.T.

We fix computer problems, printer problems, server problems, virus problems, network problems. You name it. If it connects with a computer and it has a problem, we’ll sort it out.


Fixing I.T. is not all about tech. We speak plain English and know how to explain difficult topics simply. We’re easy to talk to, and can hold a conversation. We’re not just nerds!

Be mobile

We’re based in Murray Bridge, but that doesn’t mean we don’t travel. We have customers in the Adelaide CBD, Victor Harbor, the Barossa Valley, and Mallee areas like Karoonda, to name a few, and we don’t charge extra fees on regular call-outs. We also travel to homes as well as businesses.

Design well

We do logo and web design, and can arrange printing services. Check out our portfolio or our Instagram for some examples. We also believe firmly in designing only what you need so you don’t get overcharged, and using expandable platforms in case your business grows.

Sell solutions, not products

We can also sell nearly anything I.T. but we also are committed to only selling something that would actually work for you. Talk to us first about how you want your systems to work, and we’ll quote you on what you need from start to finish.

Heaps more

We’re not limited to the services listed here. With our experience and know-how, it’s too hard to list it all! From training for your Nanna, to backup and security solutions for multi-site schools. We’ve done it all before, and we’re happy to help you too. If it’s outside our scope, we’ll use our know-how to project manage and handle it for you.

Get in touch!